My personal photographic practice is primarily based around the landscape of the South West. My work has been published and exhibited nationally in the Landscape Photographer of the Year awards, and in 2009 was featured in the What Haunt’s You? exhibition at the Photographers’ Gallery in London.

Landmarked is an ongoing body of work concerned with the relationship between culture and the landscape. Cornwall is an ancient land, peppered with neolithic monuments and burial sites that provide evidence of over 5,000 years of human habitation. Today many of these monuments and sacred sites are anachronistic curiosities, situated in a post-industrial landscape of abandoned mine houses, china clay workings, industrial estates and new housing developments. Many however, retain a seemingly timeless appeal, attracting thousands of tourists every year and the continued attention of pagan and new-age devotees for whom these sites have a spiritual significance.

Despite suggestions that we live in a secular age, it would seem that sacred beliefs continue to exert a powerful influence on modern social life and our sense of connection with the landscape. Whilst I don't personally subscribe to these spiritual beliefs and practices, the beauty and atmosphere of these unique places continues to interest me. 

The images in the series were produced by combining a number of exposures taken on medium format negative film, the individual images being scanned, digitally edited and stitched into panoramas.

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