Continuing with the drone photography project, my latest excursions have led to the exploration of habited areas. I am interested in how settlements develop, the structures that emerge and how they co-exist with the landscape. 

The capture and display of these images raise some interesting questions around privacy and the perception of drones as surveillance devices. Under UK law nobody owns the airpspace above their property, and providing a drone does not descend below 50M from a building or structure, the pilot is not breaking the law.

These images are very similar to the satelite imagery available vi Google Earth, but the presence of operator controlled drones capturing photographic and video footage is to some, an intrusion into their privacy. Last week, while I was landing my drone, operating well within the law and after photographing an uninhabited area from over 100M,  I was challenged by a home owner who took great exception to my presence and warned that I was likely to get my drone shot down if I flew there again.

Suffice it to say, I am always mindful of legal responsibilities and have no desire to intrude on anyone’s privacy. I also have little interest in the activities of people, just in the structures and the environments that they inhabit. 

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